2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid

Although the Auris nameplate has been dropped in most markets, the Japanese maker still keeps it in certain parts of the world, particularly in Asia. For example, this name is still used in Taiwan, and it looks like the company is preparing some intriguing novelties for the next year. So far, this version was available in a gas variation only. However, it looks like the hybrid variation is lastly coming also. The details are still unknown, but it looks like we could see a couple of more changes as well, particularly in regards to the basic devices. Aside from that, the 2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid should not be much different than gas versions.

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2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Specs

Of course, the first thing that enters your mind is the powertrain. The initial variation of the new generation, which came last year, came in fuel variant only. It uses the company’s new 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which provides around 170 horsepower and features a pretty fantastic fuel economy. Still, the new hybrid model will be a lot more impressive in this element.

As you probably know, the new Corolla features two hybrid powertrains in the offer. According to some reports, both of them will be used in Taiwan. The very first one is a widely known and tested 1.8-liter engine-based system, which isn’t particularly powerful (122hp) but uses the unrivaled fuel economy and impressive dependability. The other one has come just recently, and it is primarily for the European market. It is a new system that is based upon a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. Besides terrific fuel economy, this one also provides a great deal of power, around 185 horsepower, which guarantees some driving excitement also.


In regards to the exterior style, we won’t see larger changes for the 2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid. This model will feature the very same styling as the fuel version, with just a couple of distinct information, such as a blue badge, different car, and comparable things. While the Corolla comes in 3 body designs, the Auris remains as the hatchback for the Taiwan market. It is a pretty compact vehicle, with a concentrate on effectiveness.

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Mechanically, this model rides on the company’s new TNGA platform, which brings substantial enhancements in regards to driving characteristics. The handling is much better now, along with the overall driving experience. Also, the new model is lighter and more fuel-efficient.


When once again, don’t expect more significant changes compared to basic gas models. Virtually, the only notable distinction will be a new instrument cluster, which adapts to a hybrid powertrain. Aside from that, the cabin will stay mainly the same. Compared to the Corolla hatchback, the Auris is especially smaller sized on the inside. The amount of rear-seat legroom is nothing more than good, while the freight area features below-average numbers for the class. It these aspects, the 2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid will be equivalent with Mazda 3.

2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Safety

Latest reports recommend that the 2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid will come with a complete load of security features, similar to it’s the case with all Toyota models. The list of standard equipment will consist of things like electronic rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, lane keeps help, lane departure caution, forward collision caution, brake assist, pedestrian, and bicyclist detection, automatic high beams, traffic sign recognition, road edge detection and more. It looks quite remarkable, but that is something we utilized from Toyota.

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2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid Release Date and Price

The 2021 Toyota Auris Hybrid will be an all-new model in Taiwan and a couple of more markets. Therefore, we anticipate seeing its launch a little bit earlier than usual, most likely in the third quarter of the next year. When it comes to the price, it needs to start at around $25,000.

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