2021 Mercedes-Benz SL

This is our very first glance of the new eighth-generation Mercedes-Benz SL convertible, traditionally the most prominent peak of the three-pointed star’s range. It is because of introducing in 2021.

2021 Mercedes Benz SL  Rear High Resolution Image

Up until now, we have only spotted this platform and powertrain mule testing under the body of a shorter Mercedes E-Class; we anticipate to see the current model testing in production bodyshells this winter season.

Tellingly, the carmaker is twinning this two-door with AMG’s next-generation GT coupe and roadster, to get much better economies of scale. This ought to suggest, by extension, that the SL will be a sharper steer although Merc will make certain to tune it for more boulevardier duties than its more concentrated twin from Affalterbach.

AMG primary Tobias Moers is on record in an interview calling the new SL-Class ‘far sportier’ than today’s model, adding that it will have a ‘best compromise in between driving characteristics and convenience because it’s still sort of a cruiser, too.’

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The tech onboard: Merc SL gets aluminium body, 4wd

The new SL and AMG GT share a new aluminium body which is light and stiff enough so that both roadsters are well gotten ready for the more emotional canvas-top roof treatments. The days of a folding metal roofing system are over, according to our sources.

They are twinning these two means the departure of the coveted transaxle layout. On the brilliant side, mating engine and the transmission includes the 4Matic all-wheel-drive system.

Electric plug-in SLs and more

Electrification plays a big function in the pregnancy of the two cars masterminded by AMG. While the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle choice (PHEV) uses a zero-emission variety of 30 miles, the EQ Boost technology reserved for the high-grade variation boasts a 250kW electric power pack that straddles the differential.

2021 Mercedes Benz SL  New Design   Image

We’re told the e-motors and batteries warrant nearly precisely the very same weight distribution as the transaxle design. While AMG keeps the hallmark V8, the SL models make do with the straight-six (plus e-power), and there’ll be a four-cylinder on steroids powertrain readily available too.

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