2021 Chevy Equinox

The very first day of autumn has reoccured for those of us in the northern hemisphere. However, it’s still rather hot in Death Valley, California. In truth, since this post publishing, it’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit with an even hotter day in the projection for tomorrow. That’s why car manufacturers are still cruising the desert roadways in this rather inhospitable area, and it’s why Carspotter Jeroen handled to catch the evasive Chevrolet Equinox in this short spy video.

2021 Chevy Equinox    HD Pictures

We have not seen much of the Equinox, which entered the marketplace in its present configuration back in 2017. That’s very little time in for a vehicle to be on sale, but in the incredibly competitive and busy SUV world, the Equinox is due for at least a facelift. That’s what we believe is happening here rather than an entirely new maker because the profile and window styles of this prototype match the current model.

2021 Chevy Equinox Exterior

The front fascia is where we expect to see the core of the updates, and it stays well hidden under heavy covers. The changes will not be advanced– the basic shape of the grille appears the very same though the style itself might embrace bigger slats. Thinner headlights comparable to the new Chevy Blazer are thought to be flanking the grille, and the lower fascia could have revised air intakes.

Unfortunately, we’re not given a close look at the front, but we are privy to an in-depth view of the rear. New taillights are coming as this prototype sports a set of placeholder units, and small design changes to the rear gate are possible as a result. This prototype has cutouts in the bumper for twin trapezoid exhaust outlets, which is the very same setup available on the present Equinox equipped with the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. This test vehicle only has one exhaust suggestion, however, suggesting a possible fascia update for different Equinox trim levels.

2021 Chevy Equinox

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With simply a couple of sightings under our belt, and with this vehicle rocking placeholder taillights, GM is most likely still in the early testing stage. We’ve heard nothing about interior or powertrain updates, however, provided the small changes we’ve seen so far, do not anticipate much difference between the current and forthcoming models.

2021 Chevy Equinox Performance

It’s tough to predict what the mechanical upgrades for the model will be at this point, but our guess is the Equinox will rollover with its current engine range. An important novelty might be the introduction of the Blazer’s nine-speed automated transmission, which must enhance both performance and performance. Major improvements in the infotainment department are probably likewise in the cards.

2021 Chevy Equinox  Front High Resolution Picture

2021 Chevy Equinox Debut

Right now, our best guess for an Equinox reveal is sometime later next year.

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